Ship Ahoy!

My ship had been anchored,
tucked asylum in harbor,
for many days, weeks, months, years
but it is not, someone once said,
what ships are built for.

Recent storms had
unexpected effect:
no longer can I stay put,
survive on comfort,
watch the ocean from afar.

Ready or not,
my pen is drawn;
it is time to set sail,
take my chances
in an open sea of
endless lines and imagination.


New York, Dec 14, 2013

Copyright 2013, Ronen Divon.



Purposeless Meandering (a poem of sorts)

ET_nose1The Yogi chants OM

ET wants home

A foodie calls Yum!

and sometimes Yummy!

The child demands mom!

occasionally mommy

I don’t give a damn

So is the way of dummies

Writing poetry



Have you ever?

Ronen by the lakeHave you ever?
Have you ever watched?
Have you ever watched a sunset?
with your eyes closed,
sitting on a roof by a lake,
after eating half a pint of fat-free, lactose-free ice-cream?

Feeling the radiance of the sun
on your face, under your eyelids,
warm and yellow and orange,
small slivers of golden dots, snakes of light;

To an orchestra of crickets, chipmunks,
geese and squirrels, traffic from a nearby road,
a prelude to sunset;

And then,
within minutes,
it’s all gone,
the warmth, the vivacity,
the magical twirls, golden coils,
replaced by a setting dusk,
by a cool twilight breeze;
all gone but the crickets,
and the geese, and the traffic.

Have you ever watched a sunset?

New York, Oct 15, 2013

(c)2013 Ronen Divon, All Rights Reserved.

Don’t wait

Don’t wait for Valentine’s to tell someone you love that you love them.

Don’t wait for Mother’s or Father’s Day to show your parents how thankful you are.

Don’t wait for a friend’s birthday to acknowledge you are happy they were born.

Don’t wait.


feet-circleWe have not yet started to comprehend,
all the manners in which we are connected;
a child dies of hunger in Africa,
and you drop your tea cup, blaming it on mere clumsiness;
a young woman helps her senior carry groceries to the car,
and you close a business deal , boasting your shrewdness.
Like toddlers, our understanding is so very limited.
Humanity is still in its infancy.
May it survive long enough to mature.

In an otherwise perfectly clear autumn day

In an otherwise perfectly clear autumn day

a thick dark cloud is hovering

over what used to be

the World Trade Center


Shock replaces disbelieve

and in turn is being replaced by

anger and sadness


Another memorial date for America

another dark day for humanity


New York, September 2001


(c) 2012 Ronen Divon, All Rights Reserved.

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