The bittersweet news…

One of my favorite TV commercials shows a pair of concerned parents.
They look at each other worried. “What shall we do? Our son isn’t getting enough fiber.”
The answer comes in the form of a cereal that has – shhh – don’t tell their son: fiber.
It is also low in saturated fat. The parents are delighted.
But wait – now comes the real test – will their son notice?
He doesn’t! Aren’t they in luck!

What these commercials fail to disclose to us is how much sugar each serving packs.
In order to disguise the taste – our spoiled kids forgot what real food tastes like and so it needs to be covered with more familiar flavor; cereal and other such “healthy” foods are packed with sweeteners.
Sugar in its various forms, let me enlighten those not yet familiar with the concept, is a killer, much like cigarette smoking. It’s addictive and it has far worst effects on the body than most of us realize.

Yet, I need to applaud the food manufacturers and their armies of advertising agencies and PR consultants.
What they achieved is making us, the parents, a secret allied in the war against our kids.
We, as parents, want our kids to eat well. If we can only hide from our kids the fact that they are eating a healthy component, we win. And what is a little (or not so little) amount of sugar to sweeten the bitter news?
Next time you buy anything marketed as “healthy”, especially when it’s for your kids, first look at the sugar content.
20, 15 and even 10 grams of sugar per serving is a LOT! (not to mention that most of us consume much more than the recommended serving size per meal).

Watch out. You are being tricked into an alliance you don’t really want to be part of.
Educate your kids as to what sugar does to them and then get them used to eat healthy without sugarcoating it.
It’s good for them and much better for you. They will thank you in the long run.


Aging Gracefully

We tend to think of health challenges that come with old age as inevitable. From weak bones, hip problems, skin issues etc.
Yes – the body does not regenerates in the same manner it did when we are young.
But that does not mean we are out of control. To a point we are but the chance we have to dictate the way in which we grow old is in our earlier years.
Recent research now tells us that our longevity is mostly gene related. That past the age of 80 is all about our genes.
Yet it also tells us that our lifestyle dictates the quality of life we will have in our golden years.
Good nutrition, proper exercise including yoga are elementary to graceful aging.
But of course you know all this…