I love words.

When I read a well-written story, one that is economic in verbiage yet imaginative in its descriptions, I feel a sense of joy equaled, possibly, only by drinking a rich cup of mocha. I feel the words melting upon caressing my lips, like rich dark chocolate, their flavor lingers on long after the liquid containing them is gone. Thus is the effect of good writing.

Yet words have a limit. Once you define someone, something, anything, by mere words, it is no longer what that really is. Now this object, person or experience is contained by a definition, an idea, a subjective notion a reader will have based on their individual experience.

Who am I?

An ancient question to which a long list of titles and achievements will do no justice. It will simply jail me as a bunch of ideas and words you may formulate when reading that list. Thus I am freeing myself from being defined by words. I hope you will enjoy my writing as expressed in this blog without knowing much about me in the form of a bio. If a certain piece I wrote speaks to you, it is the piece itself that you relate to, and through it we connect.

Wishing you joy and many blessings.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Yaz
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 05:54:34

    I like your site and what you have to say.


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