Purposeless Meandering (a poem of sorts)

ET_nose1The Yogi chants OM

ET wants home

A foodie calls Yum!

and sometimes Yummy!

The child demands mom!

occasionally mommy

I don’t give a damn

So is the way of dummies


Enough Said (film recommendation)

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It is curious how most musical tunes that are catchy on a first listen, become a bore just as fast. (except for the Beatles of course…)


Would you risk it?

risk1If, by way of a miracle or advanced science, you would find yourself a sixty year old man (or woman,) in a body of a twenty year old, would you take more risk or lean on the cautious side?

On one hand one may argue that sixty years of life-experience is enough of a reason for inclined carefulness. Life poses so many dangers youth simply cannot comprehend.
Yet on the other hand, one may contend that with the passing years, we also realize how quickly time passes, how short life is, and that without taking risks, what is the point of it all?
Thus, it seems to boil down to two main options: either a long and fairly boring existence, or a shorter and more interesting life.

Most would say they would prefer excitement, but in reality it is rarely the case.
Many of us work in jobs we do not much care for, justifying it by a need to support a family, excusing it with “I’ll do the more exciting stuff when I retire.”
Others may suggest that a balance needs to be struck, that with the passing years’ gained experience, it is all reduced down to risk assessment.
But what is really a calculated risk but another name for safety?
There is nothing wrong with a boring life so long as it’s a choice, not a presumed inevitability.

Give it some thought. What would you do?
What are you doing?

Good deeds



Captain Phillips (film review)

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