Luck – a new short story

“I know you would say it’s just plain luck,” he said before she could utter a word, “but this is exactly what all of this is about: luck, understanding luck, working with your own personal timing so you find fortune on your side. Luck is not as random as we think.”



Maybe I am a horrible father…

kids2Here is a partial list of my shortcomings.

At ages 11 to 14, my children still do not have their own mobile phones.

They do not have Facebook accounts.

Their total “screen” time is limited to 2 hours daily at most, and most days they don’t even have that due to other activities and priorities.

My kids have daily chores to do for the house, including taking out the garbage, helping with laundry etc., for which they are not getting paid.

I do not encourage them to explore their sexuality, though they did get from me and my wife age-appropriate sexual education.

I do not encourage them to explore smoking weed or drinking alcohol, even if we have past presidents that inhaled. I simply believe all that is appropriate will come at the right time or not at all.

I do not allow them to watch movies with PG-13 rating and up, and even films with PG-13 I sometimes deem, like a total tyrant, to be inappropriate.

My kids do not use the “F” word, at least not that I am aware of. They have good grades in school and love reading so much that they go to the local public library at least 3-4 times a week.

In short, I am completely at fault for bringing up a bunch of nerds, and one day they may rebel or hate me for it.

This is why I must be a horrible father.

Riches – new short story

Available for free reading online:

Three Lessons

FlowerA friend shared with me three life-lessons he learned from his mom, lessons that served him well over the years. None are new or original, yet these simple truths are worth repeating.

Lesson one: Time is a great healer. As bad as things seem at times, that too shall pass.
Lesson two: A shut mouth catches no flies. If you don’t open your mouth and ask for it, no one will know what you want.
Lesson three: The tongue always turns to an aching tooth, or, as his mom told it, the tongue always returns to the place of the missing tooth. The mind returns to memories of emotional injury and desires unfulfilled.