Society In Denial

newsletter032013Have you noticed the extreme weather patterns these past few years? Must be a freak of nature. The other day I watched the CNN weatherman explaining it all has to do with clashes between warm and cold fronts, atypical for this season. I was waiting for him to mention the root cause for all this, the warming of the Gulf due to the unspoken politically incorrect ‘myth’ of Global Warming. That didn’t happen. CNN doesn’t want to piss off anyone. Yes, Global Warming has the misleading word ‘warming’ in it, and we experience also very cold day so that cannot be it! Right. If you’ve read or watched even a little of the multitude of articles, research papers and documentaries about Global Warming, you must have picked up that the weather will not just simply warm consistently but rather that the weather will be more extreme – both colder on some days and warmer on other days. But we are a nation in denial. It cannot be it. Just the crazy weather, we say, as if we went back in time, to the days of pre-science, when weather was a God whose whims we were suffering. Tomorrow the sun will shine and it will all be good again.

From the weather catastrophe experienced throughout the country, CNN news anchorwoman moves to the next piece of news – another school shooting. To quote the Social Media character DRUNK HULK: “SO WHEN GUN SHOOTING NEWS REPORT INTERRUPTS ANOTHER GUN SHOOTING REPORT! EVERYONE SUPPOSE BE COOL WITH THIS NOW?” This just cannot be related to lack of gun control, absolutely not, shout the trigger-happy and second amendment blinded followers who serve, some consciously some not, the NRA and its sponsors, the gun industry. No, gun control is not the single solution to the fast-spreading wave of violence. But it definitely has a large part of it. Where is this denial coming from? I hear even people who don’t own a gun and don’t plan to own a gun, that they are against any measure to control this disease. Not even banning of assault weapons. They chant the outdated second amendment as a law of nothing less than God. Are they completely out of their minds? If we stick by ideas that date the second amendment shouldn’t we enslave again African-Americans? Revoke women’s right to vote and do away with the internet? Here is another curse word – progress. Progress is change. Change is Liberal. God help us. But tomorrow the sun will shine and it will all be right again.

Then the news turns to schemes some creeps use to extract money from older people. Pray on the weak and helpless. Oh brother.

I am reminded of days, not that long ago (I am not THAT old,) when you received a service and the invoice was mailed to you at home some time later. And you paid. Weird isn’t it? Today you pay upfront or at the time service is rendered. In those not too long ago days we had something that was called trust and integrity.

Much of this is the fault of my generation and the one that preceded it. We brought up a generation that has a superbly shorter attention span as well as a 20/40 vision; they can think and consider the next week, maybe month in their own lives, let alone years and future generations. No, not all young people are on the wrong path. Quite a few got “it”, the idea that it’s all up to them. Many have set up noble goals — from fighting global warming to help African people drink clean water. Yet not until we step out of this absurd denial and start taking responsibility for our OWN actions, rather than blame sleazy politicians and anyone but us, that hope can spring in the horizon. Otherwise humanity, as a specie on this planet Earth, is pretty much doomed.

Worry not, I am just blubbering. Tomorrow, a Weather God of your choice willing, the sun will shine again and it will all be all right.