There is always reason.

When we understand it
we call it logic, science, cause and effect;
we form it into rules and laws,
it makes sense to us.

When we don’t understand it
we call it karma and fate,
we attribute it to emotion, to gut feeling,
we create religions,
we make it a mystery.

Yet there is always a reason.
Our perspective may just be too narrow to grasp it,
to fully comprehend it; physically, biologically, emotionally or intellectually.
Like the flat earth of our ancestors
Like “curing” homosexuality with electric shock therapy
Like the health benefits of smoking.
Humanity is still in its infancy.

This little poem is not in praise of logic;
quite the contrary –
wondering, stargazing, meditating to the universe:
all great, wonderful and superbly awesome.
But don’t mistake these for reason.
There is always reason.


Sadness that is great

There is great sadness
Yet sadness can be great
How can sadness be great?
Sadness may lead to sorrow
But it can also allow for reflection
Reflection may bring about change
Change is the way things naturally are
Hence sadness is nature’s way
Of correcting stagnation.
If we allow for it,
Sadness can be great

The Way

Invincibility is temporary;
everything that rises must ultimately fall,
anything that lives will eventually die,
whatever is grasped, dissipates.
Rejoice when you can,
surprised act not
when it’s gone.
This is called The Way.