Summer Night

A large half moon
Warm light breeze
It’s not a Haiku
Just my backyard…


When the student is ready….

paradign shiftI have been teaching Tai Chi & Qigong for a while. My class participants have heard me repeatedly speaking about keeping their knees slightly bent. At a class last night, one of the participants was doing his Qigong well, expect that he wasn’t bending his back knee when shifting backwards. Working with him, I guided his knee with my hands through the motion. And then, suddenly, he got it… “I’ve got to bend my knee!” he exclaimed. “You been saying it all along but for some reason only now I get it,” he added. It completely altered his practice for the better.

It brought to my mind a saying I heard a long while back – ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’

I always took it literarily as in the teacher being a person. But now I understand it’s not necessarily the case. The teacher can be a sight, a smell, an experience in nature; it can be just about anything. When we are ready, we can learn.

This led me to contemplate a little deeper: does this mean I will stop repeating certain instructions in my classes, such as bend the knees, as anyhow, if the students are not ready, it will not register? No – I need to repeat it as I never know when my students will be ready, and I want to be there when they are.

Similarly, if we consider ourselves all students of life, life will continue teaching us lessons, at time unpleasant ones, until we get it. We may find ourselves getting beat up time and again, emotionally, financially, health-wise etc. until one day, hopefully, we are ready to listen, get it, and can move on to the next lesson.

So next time we feel life is treating us unfairly, let’s remember: it’s our own doing. There is a lesson we are not ready to embrace, at least not yet. Relax the mind and try to let the lesson enter our realm. Once it does one may experience a paradigm shift, a small one, a bigger-than-life one, but a shift all the same, after which everything will look just the same but will be completely different.

Inspirational Anecdotes: Branding 102

Best example of branding I ever heard…

You go to a party and you see a sexy girl across the room. You go up to her and say “Hi, I’m great in bed, how about it?”.
That’s direct marketing.
You go to a party and you see a sexy girl across the room. You give your friend a 10$ bill. He goes up and says “Hi, my friend over there is great in bed, how about it?”.
That’s advertising.
You go to a party, you see a sexy girl across the room. She comes over and says, “Hi, I hear you’re great in bed, how about it?”
Now, that’s The Power Of BRANDING!

Inspirational Anecdotes: Branding 101

I recently shared this with a friend and it occurred to me to share it here as well.
Many years ago I attended a business breakfast in NYC.
Of the several presenters there was one that spoke about branding and marketing.
A portion of his presentation stayed with me and I use it when I working with willing clients (those who are truly willing to look outside the box…)

The presenter asked us, the audience, if we knew who was the first person to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic?
Everyone called aloud “Charles Lindbergh!”
“Very good,” he said. “Now, who was the second person?”
The audience went quiet. No one knew. “Ok,” he said, “now, who was the person woman to make that same journey?” “Amelia Earhart,” went the audience without hesitation.
“So what is the conclusion?” asked the presenter, and immediately continued:
“If you cannot be the FIRST in a CATEGORY, create a new category and be first in that category or else NO ONE WILL REMEMBER YOU!”