Happiness is not a grocery shopping list

Someone recently asked me if I am envious of some of my friends – one for being very wealthy, another for leading the life of a single man, etc.
My very honest answer is not at all. I recognize that what we get comes in packages. We do not pick and chose every single element set in our dish; the eye color of one person, the body type of another, the bank account of a third. When you are envious of someone else, just remember that it comes attached to other items you may not like that much having. I rather stick to what I got and work with it, modify and adjust elements within to better myself. Happiness is anything but a grocery shopping list. It’s not about checking off items achieved but rather about accepting what you have. It’s about aiming at meaningful goals for yourself, goals not necessary to obtain but goals that will take you on a lifelong journey of discoveries. That is what happiness mean to me.


New short story: Favor

Just released my latest short story: Favor.
Set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a taxi driver finds himself involved in a drama over and above his worst nightmares.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!
(check my other stories at http://issuu.com/ronendivon)