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Am still baffled by people who behave one way when they meet with you, and a whole different way when communication is electronic… hello?… its called to be pretentious. Dishonest may also come to mind. Social media didn’t invent it – it just enhances a pre-existing faulty character.

I blame religion.

Actually, more accurately, I blame the religious institutions whom,
over the years, took inhumane values and made them into our unobtainable values:
forgiveness, unconditional love, endless giving.
We all grew up being fed with these as the ultimate values.
After all, Jesus showed us the way.
Or did he?
Jesus was one heck of an angry Jew
who didn’t shy from expressing his anger at the merchants who made the temple unholy.
Yet, we are taught to conceal our feelings, lower our voices, hide our anger.
Or else we are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.
the Kingdom of Heaven is here, now,
thus we are worthy,
and need not feel shame when we don’t feel like forgiving.
When a friend betrays us, it’s okay to tell him to go to hell;
when someone we care about is constantly taking,
sucking whatever we have,
it’s okay to close the gates.
you will not be living the moment.
And this moment IS the Kingdom of Heaven.
So the hell with the religious institutions
who created guilt
only so it can be manipulated into power,
power to the Churches, the Synagogues and Mosques, the gurus and the preachers.
After all, if we sin, we need those institutions to forgive us.
So here we go:
I don’t need forgiveness.
Not from religion, not from friends, not from Heaven or Hell.
The more I learn to forgive myself for being human,
the more human I can be.
This is the meaning of Thanksgiving for me.
This is the meaning of love.

About Teeth and Relationships…

Examining parts of human design, it becomes clear that there are some flaws. These include our teeth. We have our first set of baby teeth that allows for initial growth. It also replaces teeth that got damaged during the first years with a new set, and given their importance to our survival, we can go on chewing. Over the past couple hundred of years alone our longevity as humans rose by a good twenty years. Our DNA doesn’t seem to accommodate for it or else by the age of 40 we should have developed a third set of teeth. In fact, in rare cases some people have developed a new third set. I am not yet one of the lucky ones.
That brought me to think of relationships. When we are young, into our teenage years, most of us have our first girlfriend. We experiment with a relationship for the first time, make mistakes and learn. Later, typically in our twenties, we may settle with someone with whom we build a family. Twenty years later, with so much baggage to carry and the kids all grown up, it makes sense a third set of teeth is grown and a fresh page get started. But conditioned by society and intimidated by religion we rather hold to bad teeth than go through the pains of growing a new set of teeth…

Early Morning Silence

There is this silence to the early morning
When no one else is awake but me and the cats
When the first rays of sun caress the treetops
When the lake’s surface is a mirror

Because of this silence every little sound is magnified
The hum of electronic devices
Crackling of burning wood at the stove
An occasional bird passing by

Because of this silence the coffee’s aroma engages my senses
Tickles my nose
Ignites my taste buds
Calibrates my mind

I look forward to the day ahead
Because of this early morning’s silence

(c) Ronen Divon, New York, November 19, 2011

About friends

Some people choose their friends by how much chatter they can continuously have with them. I choose mine by how long can our silences last.

Time to finally start a public blog…

Been on my to do list for the past five years — today is as good as any.
I’ll try to make this insightful and not just a bunch of brain-farts…
Here is the first entry:
When you are young, learn,
when you mature, experiment
when you ripe, teach,
but never be arrogant enough to suggest
yours is the only right way.